hair & styling

Cuts: Gentlemen

Clipper cut 11€
Scissor cut 16€
Wash & clipper cut 14€
Wash & scissor cut 19€
Wash, scissor cut & styling 21€

Cuts: Ladies

Wash, cut & style (short) from 20€
Wash, cut & style (medium) from 24€
Wash, cut & blow-dry from 28€

Blow-drys: Ladies

Wash & blow-dry (short) from 15,50€
Wash & blow-dry (medium) from 18,50€
Wash & blow-dry (long and/or thick hair) from 21,50€

New look: Ladies

New look from 38€

Colour: Anyone (includes set, blow-dry or styling)

Roots only from 36€
Roots plus length (short) from 43€
Roots plus length (medium) from 47€
Roots plus length (long and/or thick hair) from 50€
Balayage or Ombre from 75€
Colour correction Please ask us
Our prices for highlights and colouring vary, depending not only on the final result you would like, but also how long your hair is, it’s density, it’s condition (dry, damaged or virgin), your unique colouring history, sun exposure and past chemical treatments.
You are unique. Your hair is unique. Our colouring must be the same.

Highlights / Lowlights: Anyone (includes set, blow-dry or styling)

Cap from 36€
Foils from 43€

Glamour Up-do: Ladies

Glamour Up-do from 25€

Perm: Anyone

Perm (includes set, blow-dry or styling) from 55€

If you are not making somebody feel good, what are you making them feel?

— Melody Carstairs