our mission

For over 30 years, our mission has been to provide the most beneficial and personalised hair care possible for each of our valued clients from all over the European continent.

As Scandinavians ourselves, our expertise in caring for Nordic hair is second to none and we are dedicated to sharing this knowledge and our decades of experience for the health, well-being and benefit of our clientele.

We are passionate about motivating positive change; to helping each other evolve and grow; to continuing to educate both ourselves and our clients; to going that extra mile; to doing the right thing; to caring and having the time for our clients and each other; to providing outstanding services and treatments that lift, empower and add long-lasting value and quality feel-good to whoever we have the privilege of working with.

We are dedicated to:

  • Motivating positive change.
  • Helping each other evolve and grow.
  • Continuing to educate both ourselves and our clients.
  • Going that extra mile.
  • Doing the right thing.
  • Caring and having the time for our clients and each other.
  • Providing outstanding services and treatments that lift, empower and add long-lasting value and quality feel-good to whoever we have the privilege of working with.
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jeanette blomqvist

  • Margaretha's daughter & salon owner
  • Healthy hair expert & hair colour doctor
  • Cutting expert & makeover specialist

Jeanette Blomqvist is Margaretha's daughter and CEO of Salon Margaretha's. She is our absolute specialist in hair health and conscious hair colouring.

Jeanette is a sublime cutting expert and a master of hairstyle makeovers.
Her deep respect and nurturing of her clients’ hair brings out the natural beauty, balance and brilliance of their hairstyle and fits perfectly with each person’s personality, lifestyle and vision of themselves.

She has more than 25 years' experience in hairdressing.
You just know she knows what’s right for you and your hair.

Jeanette's native language is Swedish and she also speaks English and Spanish fluently.

iiris leinonen

  • Hair designer & makeup artist
  • Balayage & colour specialist
  • Bridal hair & Up-Do expert

Iiris Leinonen has been interested in makeup and hair since she was 4 years old. It is quite clear to all of us that she has a natural gift for the art of makeup and hairstyling.

She is our expert in bridal hair, up-do’s and creative styling. Iiris also is our specialist in the “no-makeup makeup” for our brides and mature clients looking for a flawless, natural look that’s light, flattering and that lasts all day.

Iiris is highly passionate about helping people to feel good and she has a unique talent for colour makeovers and transforming traumatised hair into a hairstyle that is healthy, beautiful and that looks and feels amazing.

Iiris is Finnish and speaks Finnish, English, Swedish and Spanish.

anders jansson

  • Hair designer
  • Colorista
  • Barber & new look specialist

Anders Jansson is a gifted and highly experienced hairstylist with an intensely loyal following at Salon Margaretha’s.

He is an expert hair designer and master of the blade. His barbering skills are second-to-none for his gentlemen clientele, with great styling ranging from sharp maverick looks to classic clean cuts.

He has a great eye for symmetry and form which makes him one of our most favourite ladies’ stylists. He knows what makes a lady look good and feel great.

Anders native language is Swedish, but he also speaks English and Spanish.

jan pembroke

  • Hair designer
  • Glamour hair specialist
  • Colorista

Jan Pembroke is a highly accomplished hairstylist specialising in chic short haircuts, beautiful blow-dries and glamour up-do’s.

Jan’s clients are highly loyal and have been with her for years (even following her from the UK to Spain after she relocated to the Costa Blanca way back in the late 1980’s!).

Jan has an amazing eye for style and colour. Her cutting and blow-drying skills are superlative and she is a highly valued and respected member of our team.

Jan is from the UK and she speaks English and Spanish.

dimitri fillipov

  • Aesthetic medicine for rejuvenation
  • Fillers, botox, collagen threads
  • Mole, tattoo, double chin, spider vein removal

Dr. Dimitri Fillipov is our highly sought after Aesthetic Medical Doctor with consulting clinics in Sweden and Spain.

He is an expert in facial rejuvenation treatments using the latest collagen threading techniques, botox, soft surgery and high-tech fillers.
His most transformative work can be seen in the natural-looking freshness of his patients’ faces, particularly around the mouth, eyes and jawline.
There is no doubt that Dr Dimitri has an exemplary skill in helping the passage of time leave less of a visible trace on the face.

Dr Dimitri also specialises in removing moles, age spots, tattoos and spider veins. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dr Dimitri’s native language is Russian, but he speaks fluent Swedish and English as well.

luz ramirez

  • Permanent makeup for eyes, eyebrows & lips
  • Medical & oncology micropigmentation

Luz Ramirez has been working in cosmetic and medical micropigmentation for more than 20 years.

She is a highly skilled permanent makeup artist and her extensive experience and talent has helped hundreds of ladies rejuvenate their facial features, as well as restore the pigmentation and form of their lips, eyebrows and lash lines.

She also does invaluable work at various Oncology centres offering medical tattoos and specialist skin repigmentation techniques following surgical procedures, scarring or skin alterations.

Luz is Spanish and is in high demand all over the Costa Blanca.

“There is no hospitality like understanding.” - Vanna Bonta

how we got here...

Salon Margaretha’s (est. 1987) is the life’s work and dedication of mother and daughter team, Margaretha and Jeanette Blomqvist, who’s vocation and passion for helping people to enjoy the healthiest hair and scalp possible, has forged a highly regarded, professional and ethical reputation that is unique on the Costa Blanca.

Over the past thirty years, their salon has become the reference for the highest quality care and treatment of Nordic, Scandinavian and European hair in the area.

Margaretha, herself a Trichologist and Scalp Health Expert, founded her specialist Hair Loss and Scalp Centre in 2002, which has helped innumerable people live well and confidently in the face of devastating hair loss due to medical, stress, trauma or hormonal conditions.

For more than 2 decades, Jeanette, (Margaretha’s daughter) the salon’s Hair “Doctor” and authority on hair health, colouring and personal image makeovers, has positively transformed the lives of the young and the “not-so-young” alike.

Margaretha and Jeanette lead a team of highly experienced like-minded and dedicated stylists, beauticians and well-being specialists who provide every client with the opportunity to revitalize their sense of feel-good, boost their confidence, self-esteem and well-being….literally from head-to-toe!

There are so many good experiences waiting for you here at Salon Margaretha’s.
Come and spend some time with us!
Until then, we wish you such a happy and fulfilling day!

"Success isn't about how much money you make; it's about the difference you make in people's lives."

Michelle Obama

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