“I love what you did with your face. What do you call it? A smile!” - Anthony Hincks

face & beauty

“For us here at Salon Margaretha's, health is beauty and beauty is health."

face & beauty

Generally, when people are feeling good, happy in themselves, confident and centered, they radiate beauty, no matter what colour, what age or creed.
That is why our philosophies for providing “beauty” treatments, therapies and tuition are all about helping our clients to find feel-good, confidence, freshness and an unshakeable self-esteem in their own unique style and image.

We offer many ways that we think might lift and inspire you to fulfill these fundamental pillars of your well-being. We invite you to browse through our menu below and check out how we can help you to feel even more alive and vital.

before makeup makeover salon margarethasafter makeup makeover salon margarethas

Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like. I promise.

— Emma Watson

eyebrows - shaping, definition, colouring & grooming

There’s no doubt about it. When our eyebrows are groomed properly, they are the quickest way to transform our face, balance symmetry and add definition to our main facial features.
Good eyebrow architecture, shape and colour can take years off our eye area, as well as create the illusion of freshness and vitality.
We can all have attractive eyebrows that enhance our natural attributes and make us “like” ourselves a bit more when we look in the mirror with no makeup on!
Our eyebrow stylists are expert at eyebrow shaping and colouring, so you look and feel your best self.
For those of us who are noticing that half our eyebrow hairs are missing and we are fed up with drawing lines on our faces, then maybe it’s time to consider having a marvellous micropigmentation treatment done by our superb eyebrow specialist Greta.
This is a great solution for those of us who want to restore shape, definition and freshness in the eye area.
Definitely highly recommended!

eyelashes - extensions & lash lifting

Maybe you’re noticing that your eyelashes are barely visible? Or you’re just getting tired of wearing mascara every time you want to have “eyes”?
Well, now you don’t have to put up with any of that anymore!
Why not consider getting yourself some lush eyelash extensions?

Our lash expert, Greta, offers a transformational treatment that adds length and volume to your own eyelashes by temporarily grafting individual eyelashes to your own.
The look lasts about 3 weeks and truly revolutionises how you look and how you get ready every day!
No need for mascara, no need for makeup! Your lash extensions give you thick, long and luscious lashes.

If you already have long eyelashes, but they are very blonde and almost invisible, then maybe lash-lifting and lash colouring are more for you?
We offer both treatments, just so you have lots of options about what your eyes “say” to the world! :D
Let us know what would make your day go amazing!


We provide fabulous facials to cleanse, freshen and revitalise skin tone, as well as deeply relax tension in the muscles of your face.
If you’re feeling tired and stressed and you don’t want to look tired and stressed, we highly recommend that you treat yourself to one of our personalised facials (and get some quality rest!) or maybe try our wonderful facials to de-stress and recalibrate your peace from within.
(In our opinion, nothing will age you quicker than rampant stress, inner disharmony and lack of sleep, but a facial will certainly be a good place to start to reverse any energy bankruptcy!).

We have many personalised facial treatments to suit your skin’s needs and your budget.
We also can mix and match anything that inspires you, or any treatment that you feel that you would especially like.
We can also put a special Pampering Package together for you (just for some well-earned Me-time!) or for a lovely original and unforgettable gift for your best friend, sister, mum, grandma or daughter!

makeup - tutorials, workshops, party-time and new you’s!

We use makeup to enhance and magnify the beauty that already exists in you.
We can teach you how to maximise your key features, look more radiant, more revitalised and reboot your confidence at the same time.
If you like the sound of that, then contact us to see how we can help you too!

Got a special event to go to?
Why not let our expert makeup artistes prepare your look for your special event?
Professional makeup doesn’t need to be heavy, nor exaggerated.
Our aim is that you actually still look like “you”, but the difference is, we create a flawless skin finish that gives you a long-lasting, natural radiance and freshness.
Our speciality, without doubt, is our bridal “no-makeup makeup” and our subtle, yet exceptionally flattering eye makeup for “ladies of a certain age”. :D
At last!! With us....it is all possible!

hair removal

We understand what it’s like to find hairs growing where they never used to.
Our beauticians are here to expertly deal with this “situation”!
We offer waxing and tweezing. In fact, whatever you need to feel (and look!) “clean”, soft, silky and smooth :D
If you’re hitting the beach and suddenly notice you need “help”, just call us and we’ll do our best to fit you in! (It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to do an “emergency” waxing!!).

bridals and bridal showers

Ok, so your wedding is one of the most special days you’ll ever experience and you’ll probably be more photographed on this day than at any other time of your life! (No pressure there then! :D).
Your makeup and hair is our top priority and we know what we’re doing.

We’ve been so fortunate to have worked with hundreds of brides over our 30 years in Torrevieja, every one being unique and special.
It is our greatest wish that you fulfil yours and we are excited and delighted to be able to help you prepare for your big day.
Our Bridal Showers give you the opportunity to celebrate your friendship with your bridesmaids and girly crew and create even more unforgettable moments together.
We have lots of ideas and special treatments for your all to share! Just ask us for our Bridal Shower Bundles, Bachelorette Spa-rties and Pamper Packs!